Tutor Profiles

Gaynor Chronican

Gaynor has been teaching embroidery throughout NZ for many years. She has been invited to take part in many Master Classes and has also attended a class at the RSN, Hampton Court Palace. Gaynor particularly enjoys raised embroidery work and is an accomplished stitcher.

Kay Hawker

Kay’s favourite stitching method is Canvas work. Kay did a Canvas work certificate and went from there. Kay likes to teach in a relaxed style and has taught at Wanaka previously.

Sarah Hooker

Born in 1960 to a mother who started stitching with a passion the same year. She grew up thinking that embroidery was a completely normal thing that all mothers did. In the late 1980s Sarah approached the local embroidery shop (Nancy’s Embroidery in Wellington) for a job and bought the company in 1995.This involvement in retail gave Sarah the opportunity to explore all fields of contemporary and traditional hand and machine embroidery producing hundreds of samples of stitched work over the years. Writing a class syllabus for 10 years and developing the City and Guilds programme allowed her to experience classes with some exceptional tutors from New Zealand and abroad. After selling the business in 2006 and deciding to continue teaching, Sarah had the chance to really think about what she loved. It was teaching surface stitchery and canvas work with an emphasis on students creating their own original work using the simplest stitches creatively.

Anne Jaquiery

Anne grew up in Wanaka, a perfect place that helped build her creative ability. With a passion for sewing, beading, and stitching, or anything  she can design, make or create. From attending Wanaka school classes for over 20 years, and as now as a tutor Anne is able to pass on the wonderful knowledge she has learned over the years.

Barbara Johns

Barbara enjoys working many different styles of embroidery particularly contemporary needle lace. She has taught throughout New Zealand and enjoys sharing ideas with her classes. Barbara is a member of Christchurch Needle Work Guild and has completed the ANZEG tutor training course.

Colleen Kelly

Colleen has been teaching embroidery and patchwork for the past 10 years, this is her 8th year of being invited to teach at Wanaka, Colleen enjoys designing , teaching and sharing time with likeminded people.

Margaret Light

Margaret has been tutoring in surface stitchery throughout Australia & New Zealand since 2004. She was awarded accreditation in that technique by the NSW Embroiderer’s Guild in 2007, and specialises in Crewel embroidery. Margaret delights sharing her exploration of early techniques with others, and finds constant inspiration for her projects from the decorative arts and her research into the history and evolution of design and the application of surface stitches around the world.

Sue Lucas

Sue started out embroidering at high school and always enjoyed it. She has been encouraged over the years by her Grandmother and Mum, both of whom have always worked with their hands. Sue’s serious love of embroidery has developed within the last 10 years since moving home from overseas. Sue enjoys attending classes whenever she can to try a different technique and learn something new. She has always loved the visual arts and enjoys designing and solving the challenges that occur when creating and stitching her own embroidery pieces.

Judy Mason

Judy began embroidering at Secondary school under the tutelage of the late Helen Moran. She has been embroidering and designing for many years and loves using a variety of colours together to create an image.

Eunice McLeod

Eunice has been teaching at Wanaka for a number of years, she enjoys traditional embroidery and is an accomplished needlewoman.

Peta McMillan

Peta is a well-known member of Whakatane Embroiderers’ Guild who has travelled around New Zealand teaching embroidery for over twenty five years. She has focused on unusual techniques, reviving some and bringing them into our modern world. Peta has had many articles and projects published in embroidery magazines. Her main focus and love is in the traditional techniques.

Anne Marie Moorhead

Anne Marie Moorhead lives in Wellington. She has been tutoring around New Zealand for many years as well as being a regular tutor at Nancy’s Stitch Studio, which is a source of endless temptation to which she succumbs frequently. Anne Marie particularly enjoys using traditional techniques including silk shading, stumpwork, crewel work and gold work. It is a great pleasure for Anne Marie to have opportunities to share her skills with others.

Kerry Seeley

Kerry Seeley’s passion is white work in all its counted forms including needle lace techniques and different ways of stitching letters and monograms. She has also experimented with a host of other techniques. Kerry gained 6th Form Certificate Embroidery and the Embroiderer’s Guild Drawn Thread Certificate. She has tutored for the past 20 years at the Great Escape in Orewa, What a Weekend in Nelson, Stitch Away Hawke’s Bay and ANZEG Conferences. Her work has been exhibited in ANZEG and local exhibitions.

Desiree Simpson

Desiree has taught craft classes nationally and locally for the past 25 years and has been designing her own projects since the age of five. She is a member of the Otago Embroiderer’s Guild. She enjoys mixing a variety of techniques in her projects and encourages students to create their own variations.

Nicky van der Jagt (Waugh)

Nicky van der Jagt enjoys all things creative coming from a teaching and design background. Painting and textile art are two of her favourites along with Embroidery which is her main passion. She enjoys being able to add elements of this to her other work producing composite works that are complementary.
While most of her work is contemporary she has also come to appreciate the importance of traditional skills as a basis for successful work. Working with and learning from many very skilled stitchers has over time shown her the depth of talent we have within our ranks and the generosity of those willing to share their knowledge.
Most importantly she believes that whatever our age ,skill level and preferred craft, we should always try to push ourselves that little bit further, enjoy what we are doing and have fun.

Robyn van Reenan

Robyn has been book binding for over 20 years and finds it an endlessly fascinating craft with an amazing history. She has attended classes with several very talented tutors over the years. As a quilter she enjoys using fabrics as covers on modern samples of very old techniques. She has taught at this school and the Nelson Embroidery School several times as well as at various South Island groups.