Wanaka Workshops

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Gaynor Chronican
Tudor Rose/Goldwork


3301 This class will involve a selection of goldwork techniques over padding. The rose is completed in silk shading. An optional kit can be purchased for $45.
Gaynor has been teaching embroidery throughout NZ for many years. She particularly enjoys raised embroidery work and is an accomplished embroiderer.

Kay Hawker
Canvas Work


3302 This canvas design is worked on coloured canvas, embroidered using multi threads. Work can be framed or made into a box top or Hussif Kaye’s favourite stitching method is canvas work. She teaches in a relaxed style and has taught at Wanaka before.

Sarah Hooker
Embroidered Bag – Dots


3303 Felt dots are applied to felt or linen background and embellished with embroidery stitches using stranded cotton and a variety of threads. Sarah enjoys teaching surface stitchery and canvas work with the emphasis on student’s creating their own original work.

Anne Jaquiery
Wanaka Memories – A Landscape Picture


3304 A little 8 x 8cm picture with the Wanaka mountains, vipers bugloss and Californian poppies, with a few simple stitches to enhance the image.
Kit cost $25.
Anne has a passion for sewing, beading, and stitching, and has attended many classes. This is her first time teaching at Wanaka.

Barbara Johns
Needle Lace Amulet Bag


3305 The purple bag has many techniques which will teach beading and a variety of stitches. Suitable for beginners and beyond. Barbara enjoys many different styles of embroidery particularly contemporary needle lace. She has taught at Wanaka on several occasions.

Colleen Kelly


3306 A small piece of whitework using Carrickmacross techniques. Suitable for stitchers who enjoy fine work.
Kit cost $30.
Colleen has been teaching embroidery and patchwork for the past 10 years, and has taught at Wanaka many times. Colleen likes to design her own projects.

Margaret Light
Moorish Craft Case

Class Full


3307 The craft case is a compact size to carry workshop needs. The panels have been left blank for embellishment on the front and back. The design is worked with 1 ply Gumnut Yarns on black cotton/ linen with lustrous berries in silk buds Design size front – 12.5 x 21cm, back – 21 x 9cm. Craft Case – cost will be advised to class participants.
Kit Cost $50.
Marg has been tutoring in Australia and NZ since 2004 and enjoys sharing her exploration of early embroidery techniques with others.

Sue Lucas

Class Full


3308 A Blackwork study looking at filling patterns, creating interest through stitch to change patterns between light and dark, using even weave fabric and DMC threads. If you can count you can do this class. Sue has always been drawn to fine arts and embroidery. This is her first year teaching at Wanaka and is keen to share her knowledge.

Judy Mason
Purple Passion

Class Full


3309 Worked in crewel/weaving/surface stitches. Nine shades of stranded thread, from very dark to light gives a 3D effect. This project is cost effective, a chance to use threads you already have.
Kit cost $25.
Judy has been embroidering and designing for many years & loves using a variety of colours together to create an image.

Eunice McLeod
Pulled Thread Flower


3310 Coral Stitch outlines this Flower Design, each petal is filled with a pulled thread pattern on 25 count fabric using perle threads. Suitable for most embroiderers. Eunice has been teaching at Wanaka for a number of years, she enjoys traditional embroidery and is an accomplished needlewoman.

Peta McMillan


3311 Deruta is a small town in Italy. This technique is a cross between drawn and filet embroidery. Suitable for intermediate to advanced students. Peta is a well-known member of Whakatane Embroiderers’ Guild and has travelled around New Zealand teaching embroidery for over twenty five years. She has focused on unusual techniques, reviving some and bringing them into our modern world.

Anne Marie Moorhead
Two Wits to Woo – Goldwork


3312 Two little owls sitting on a branch made of layered gauzy fabric using traditional, goldwork techniques. Anne Marie particularly enjoys using traditional techniques including silk shading, stumpwork, crewel work and gold work. She has tutored at Wanaka on numerous occasions.

Kerry Seeley
Reticella Roses

Class Full


3313 Needle lace technique originated in Italy, threads are withdrawn into a grid, remaining threads will be woven and stitched into the resulting spaces. Buttonhole stitch is the main stitch used. Kerry’s passion is white work in all its counted forms and has been tutoring around NZ for the past 20 years.

Desiree Simpson
Ribbon Work Bag


3314 Create a small bag using vintage ribbonwork techniques, crewelwork style shaded leaves, beads and simple embroidery finishing the edges with a pretty scalloped stitch. Desiree has taught embroidery classes for 25 years and likes to design her own projects.

Robyn van Reenen


3315 This class requires a collection of buttons, ribbons, threads and bits and pieces you cherish. Stitch them into a cover for a hand bound book. Robyn has been bookbinding for over 20 years. She finds this an endlessly fascination craft and loves passing her knowledge on to others.

Nicky van der Jagt (Waugh)

Class Cancelled


3316 Using design/dying & manipulating of a range of fabrics & threads to produce a unique palette materials from which you then design and draw a final piece of stitched work. Class cost to tutor for materials $35 Nicky comes from a teaching and design background, with embroidery her main passion, Nicky enjoys creating composite works and believes we all should enjoy what we are doing and have fun.

Stitch and Chat


This is your opportunity to take part in our 33rd Wanaka Embroidery school. Bring along a project and enjoy the company and expertise of other stitchers in a relaxed environment. Stitch & Chat is held in the same room as the display of work to enable supervision of the display.